our novel perspectives

I think one of the most difficult things to remember
is that everyone sees the world a different way.

When we’re little and learn that the bottom color on a traffic light is green, I guess we don’t really think about how green looks to anyone- even ourselves. We just see what it is and accept.

We’re taught that is green. And some of us take it further, wondering why the grown-ups making traffic lights chose red, yellow, and green. Why not blue or pink? Oh, because some people are color-blind. But we don’t think about that. Because we’re kids. And we’re just learning based on where we’re at and what we already know.

If your parents gave you white liquid to drink as a child and told you it was lemonade, that’s probably what you would accept as your truth. So when you got to school and your friends were all against you thinking milk was lemonade, how would you feel?

That’s the kind of analogy that comes to mind when I talk to people. Although it’s an exaggeration, it helps me remember that no one grew up the same way. No one person on this earth has ever seen my life the way I have. We may share friends and family and opinions (among other things). But you don’t process ideas and relationships the way I do. We have different taste buds and my vision of green may be brighter, duller, or redder than yours.



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