a pep talk to myself

It’s been three years since I’ve worked on a story…

Girl, that is way too long.

I could play the counterproductive blame game and make up a bunch of excuses about why I haven’t written stories or published a book yet but I know that’s all poppycock. I know myself best and I know it’s time to stop making up these excuses.

You’re 26 for goodness sake, Colleen. You’ve been places and seen things and have a little more to offer the world than you did 3 years ago. You honestly haven’t done much besides keeping up with this blog since your last NaNoWriMo (November 2013).

In three years, you’ve worked 3 jobs, got hooked on coffee, and met some amazing people. You took a leap and went to Europe with a bunch of strangers. You had a blast in New York, took a road trip down the west coast, and spent some time in Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley. You’ve been to funerals and weddings and moved out on your own. You did adult things and took some risks and made mistakes.

You’ve been living and you’re going to keep looking on the bright side of things and making the most of it all. But the deepest part of who you are is a writer. Remember who you are and how you fell in love with it. And do it all over again.

I’m writing a story. That’s all I can say for now. 🙂



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  1. Carissa Gan says:

    I totally feel the same way. I almost can’t remember what it’s like to write a story. 😦 I’ve been wanting to write a novel since I was 19 and I am nowhere near to getting it done either… I’m still planning to finish writing a novel before I turn 28. But first, I need to fall back in love with writing. Good luck to both of us! I look forward to reading your story when it’s done! 🙂

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