Central Park (NYC Day 2)


We awoke to white sunshine blasting through the shades of our second-floor bedroom. Lilly’s phone alarm went off and I stared at the dark wooden door a foot from the bed. The warmth of the room was slightly offset by a ceiling fan breeze that teased the curtains behind our heads.


Peeling back the sheets, I crawled from the dense comforter and made a slow walk through the hallway to the bathroom. The old wooden floor creaked with every step as we traveled to and from in the narrow space. After dressing for a day of activity, we took a brisk walk down the street for coffee and a little breakfast at Koss Kaffe.


A subway ride over the river from Brooklyn to Manhattan was quiet and lovely on a Friday morning. The weekend was within reach for most of the city but we were breaching it at its rising sun and golden glow. That’s my favorite time of day to be alive.

Some turnarounds later (due to construction), we made it to W. 58th for our Central Park bike tour! And then, that golden sunshine began spitting rain on us. Our bike group bundled as best we could (a collection of Arkansans, Texans, Germans, and French folk) and followed our Chicago-native thespian tour guide through the streets to the opening of the park.


As we biked through the quiet pathways, bits of snow began falling on my glasses. April in New York is certainly different than the 70-degree Little Rock I left.




We made it from stop to stop, getting time to explore and take pictures. The Imagine memorial in Strawberry Fields was something I’d wanted to see since high school.




After the bike tour and redeeming my I.D. from tour guide Brian, Lilly and I wandered around in search of soup because we were numb. After warming our bones with some tomato soups and breads and crackers, we walked around Central Park some more.


We started at Columbus Circle and wandered by the big rock to Bow Bridge and back.




We took a few hours back at the house to warm up and prepare for the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA). Friday evening had free hours there so we piled in with all the locals. There were so many people! I’m glad Brian (bike guy) told us to start from the top and work our way down. Seeing Starry Night in person was pretty cool.

I was starving by the time we finished (gummies can only hold you over so long) so we sat in the lobby (because WiFi) and sought out a place for dinner. Brooklyn Burgers & Beer was a place right in our neighborhood (near where we had breakfast that morning) and sounded delicious.


Lilly ordered a beer that came via mason jar. I’m not sure you can get more hipster than that.


We both got the plate of 3 sliders (beef burger, falafel, and fish for me; burger, black bean, and pulled pork for her). I also got some Old Bay fries I made Lilly try. You’re welcome for introducing this spice to your pallet.

Ate it all because it was delicious or I was famished or both.


We waddled our way home, showered, and slept like babies.



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