Welcome to New York (NYC Day 1)


Somewhere around noon in the borough of Queens, airplanes from the south touched down and out sprung a Lilly and a Colleen. After landing and making a mad dash to the restroom, I returned to the redhead chilling in my terminal and hugs were exchanged.

New York City vacation: full speed ahead!

We made our way down the escalator of the LaGuardia Airport, obtained metro cards, and shuffled outside to wait for a bus. From the bus, we zipped underground and boarded the subway. About 5 minutes in, I was already sweating and stripping my travel layers. As we journeyed from Queens to Brooklyn, the car cleared some and we sat down until reaching Park Slope.


Ascending the stairs was just the beginning of the literal slope we walked to our Airbnb place. The shops and restaurants were a blur as we hoofed up the hill and concrete stairs in the classic Brooklyn neighborhood.

A doorbell ring later we were greeting our host, Lisa. She gave us a run-down of the area, showed us our little bedroom, and we set out for a late lunch. Just a stroll down the block led us to La Villa Pizzeria. While we underestimated the size of a New York pizza, our waiter talked us out of ordering a large. 🙂

I’ve officially had New York pizza now, Mom!


Up next on the agenda was NBC Studios for Late Night with Seth Meyers! We ate all our pizza and set off for Rockefeller Center to explore a bit before the show. This was my first glimpse of how I pictured NYC buildings- all shiny and stacked together.




Unsure if we’d even get in (via reservation tickets), we anxiously waited in line inside the NBC building. Slowly people trickled in and the line grew around the large circular room. As we got closer to the desk, Lilly noticed there were legitimate secret service men running security. I mean, this was my first NYC experience so I thought security was just that intense. Turns out Bernie Sanders was Seth’s special guest of the night.

The staff put wristbands on us, checked our bags, and sent us through. We were in!

We walked over to the lounge- an open room surrounded with large screens illuminating pictures from previous Late Night episodes.

We were led up the elevators to the studio (which is actually right next to the one where Seth did the Weekend Report sketch for SNL). It was a lot smaller than you’d think. We (the audience) were pumped up by one of the crew members. While they were setting the stage for Brandi Carlile, Seth came out and did a Q&A session with us. Happy 11th day of being a dad, Seth!


After the taping of the show, we had ice cream for dinner because we’re adults.

Lilly wanted to try the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop on E. 7th. Salty Pimps were had (yes, that’s the name of the dulce de leche cream topped with chocolate, caramel, and pretzels). It was really good!

After devouring the salty sweet treat, we took our sugar high over to Washington Square Park to wander around and listen to a saxophone player before heading back to the house for the night.



Welcome to New York
| Ryan Adams (Taylor Swift cover)


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