grant me the serenity

Wholehearted compassion is needed where a great force of anger resides.

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There are people in this world who will never think you are good enough.
Some will wish that you never succeed in life.

They will make assumptions about you.
They will judge you by how you look and speak.

And they won’t give you a chance to prove your worth.
Nor will they listen to what you have to say.

There are people who will give you titles you don’t deserve.
They will intentionally hurt and manipulate you.
Some will do everything they can to separate you from your hope.


Those hardest to love need it most.
A lot of people grow up without understanding what it means to be loved.

I feel like this has a lot to do with how they treat others as they grow.

some will learn 
They can be the warmest, most welcoming people in existence because they know what it’s like to be without a feeling of belonging and unconditional love.

others are never shown
They live in the darkest of places, struggling to keep their faces above water to keep from drowning in the emptiness.


There are people who see the word with tunnel vision.
They lean on their own understanding.
They cannot see what you see and they don’t want to.

Some will spend their lives trying to ruin the lives of others.
They think they are thriving by crushing hearts and dreams.
They believe that controlling someone’s life will fulfill their own.

But that’s never the answer.
We were not born to play puppeteer to one another.
We were created to support and trust and teach.

I believe we are here to be kind to one another.
Imagine if everyone knew love. 




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