A quick reflection on legs and walking around Europe

for as long as I can walk, I shall 
I understand that one day I may no longer be able to
there are days in my past where I could not
so today I will stand and use my legs
for everything I can

When they say you walk everywhere in Europe, that’s an understatement.
Or maybe it’s less of an understatement and more of a lack of comparison.

You see, I’m not a super-athletic person. But I’m not a couch potato either. I go to the gym multiple times each week and make an effort to keep active when I’m not tied to my 8-5 desk job. So when people mentioned that we’d be walking allover, I figured I knew what they meant.

I laugh at myself now.

I live in Little Rock, Arkansas. Here, I drive myself to work every morning in minimal traffic and know the backroads home. I drive to church, the gym, to see friends, and to different cities. We give bikers glares when they cut onto the streets. And pedestrians? It’s a rare occasion that someone will stop their car for them without a traffic light. And you can just forget about good public transportation.

Walking everywhere really means everywhere. We walked to the metro. Then (90% of the time), I stood on the metro. We walked on tours. We walked to find food. We walked to explore. We walked from one side of the city to the other. We walked around stores, museums, and gardens. We got lost and had to re-trace our steps. We walked up the escalators because we were rushing to meet people. We walked to catch flights and trains. We walked up hills and down stairs, through graveyards, across bridges, and into coffee shops.

You get the idea. But you won’t truly appreciate it unless you’ve spent 8 days genuinely walking everywhere. I can now say I have. Sometimes it was an exhausting struggle (mostly because I forgot to eat). But it was incredible and I am thankful for my legs and feet- because it wouldn’t have been the same without them. They were troopers.



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