I started a food blog!

This is a really quick post to inform you that I’ve finally started a food blog!

In June of 2013, I started an Instagram account just for food pictures. Over the past couple of years, food photography has become a hobby of mine and my passion for tasty things has grown .

I’ve been thinking about starting this second blog for awhile, but wasn’t really sure where to begin. But then again, I realized I never would know where to begin. Sometimes you just have to start these things. So I did.

So here it is: BRILLIANTREATS . wordpress . com

The name was chosen as a play-off of my food Instagram’s handle: brilliantruth. (Although, I’m pretty sure you figured that out on your own). It’s starting off as food writing about restaurant dishes and recipes I try. It’s simple for now and I’m just having fun being creative with this. So I hope you foodies out there check it out!

I apologize for slacking a bit on this blog. I’ve been working on this new food blog and our writing blog these past few weeks! I’ll write something new soon. Promise. Thanks, guys!



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