The Thrill of Books and Storytelling

I like books because they [usually] have defined beginnings and endings. When I physically hold that book in my hand, I have the power of knowing exactly how things play out. The interaction of characters, the rising actions, their fate- it has all been decided. I can read it at any pace I choose. I can swallow it all in a long sitting or pace it over days. It’s pretty incredible. I can return to past events or skip to future ones.

To me, a great author gives you subtle descriptions of characters and settings- but lets your mind do the rest of the work. A story can be incredibly intimate. Books are personal to me. They’re something I can share with other people -(via discussions or movie renditions)- but I don’t have to. A brilliant book allows me to relate to the characters in a way I cannot describe to actual people.

And the only thing more thrilling than reading a story, is writing one yourself. When your mind starts creating a story, there will be a mess of decisions to make- I won’t lie. But I absolutely love taking messes and making really cool things out of them. I love having that control of characters, their interactions, and their fate.

When it comes to my own life it’s not always as thrilling. I like to write because I like control. Being a character and having to live out the story that is unknown worries me. I understand that that’s kind of the way life goes, but sometimes I need a break from being me. Books are beautiful things to lose yourself in for a little while.



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  1. I could not agree more! Happy reading and writing!

    1. Thank you, Brittney! You too!

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