the rain grounds me

Something about a gray, plastered sky keeps me down here. It gives me the impression that there is nothing beyond. It stops me from thinking about tomorrow and the next day and the next. It blurs my memories of yesterday, last week, months, and years ago.

These are all things that buzz in my head, causing me anxiety. One thought streams to another, and another. All this thinking is dominated by worry.

But there’s something about creating a safe haven within a storm. All I have is what is here: the people in my midst, the clothes on my back, and the body they protect. I have thoughts and hopes. I long for things and I do have dreams- buried deep down. And when the sun is out, I am distracted. In the light, there is so much to see.

But when it’s raining, all that is between me and the stress is a downpour of heavy. As the thunder rolls, all I can hear is an inner voice. My world is quiet and simple. The chaos, the drama, the feelings people express- they’re doused.

And I am alone. And I am at peace.



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