Lyon & Kilts

This weekend, Lilly and I drove up to Batesville, (the 2nd oldest city in Arkansas), for Lyon College’s 36th Annual Scottish Festival! The scenic drive to this little town was complemented by fresh spring air and the chattiness of my dear friend. When we made it to the campus, we parked on a neighborhood side street adorned with cute little houses. This reminded me of the pastel homes in Memphis Renee and I visited in March.

Beelining our way through the campus, I got a first glimpse of brick buildings, the occasional fountain, and the shrill sound of bagpipes. Men, women, children, and dogs in kilts decorated the sidewalks around the chapel and library as Lilly and I raced to the building that housed her sorority’s reunion event.

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After greeting some of Lilly’s friends and meeting up with DeAnna, the girls took me on a tour of their campus. I love the way Lyon’s on-campus housing is set up. Little quads, dorms, and apartments are in a cluster. You can really sense the community there.

Just beyond the cafeteria- nicknamed “The Phoenix” because it burned down and “rose from the ashes”- was a grassy tree-shaded area sprinkled with… get this… SWING SETS. I was immediately in love. They also had some disc golf hoops and a rock climbing/boulder wall. But I was hooked on the swings. And yes, I threw my purse down and jumped on one. Whoever thought that up is my hero.


After swinging, the girls walked me around the lake and told me stories of graduation being held there. Torches of light -held by the seniors- surrounding the shimmering body couldn’t have been anything less than magical amidst dark night air. I could have spent the day picnicking, reading, or drawing under the trees.

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Meanwhile, back at the Scottish Festival, there were meat pies and bagpipes galore! Have you heard of red velvet funnel cake? I hadn’t. It was decadent and delicious- but definitely something to be shared. I tried a Scottish meat pie as well- topped it with some recommended HP sauce. Spiced beef in a pastry- what’s not to love?

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We even managed to catch the end of a sheep herder dog demonstration. For some reason, I find animals directing other animals entertaining. One of the dogs, named Hanna, really knew her stuff! After herding the sheep, she gave us a show with some ducks. That was pretty darn hilarious. You cannot not smile at a brace of ducks waddling in chaotic unison. I made up personalities and voices for said ducks. It was great.

Another blessing to top off a fantastic weekend was having a place to sleep. I was so grateful to be welcomed into the Massey home. DeAnna and her parents were so sweet- and yes, I am totally in love with their historically preserved house. I snapped a picture of some glorious flowers growing out front. 

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

I don’t think Batesville could have been more glorious this weekend. The weather was perfect and the company of friends was even better. It’s amazing to think some of our best days are still ahead of us. Have a lovely rest of the week, everyone. I’ll write more in my next post- I just couldn’t help showing off some pretty pictures this time. I love you!



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