my march

A fifty-degree chill with overcast decorates the sky and my skin as I walk amidst the greenery. I can taste the dampness that begins in the air and try my best to hold on to this moment, this month. I’m not ready for the heat and the sweat. This is March in Arkansas. One day, the sun is shining and we are still sheltered enough to welcome it. The next, floodgates open and clouds swallow our minds- leaving us longing for blankets, tea, and good books. It’s the best.

This is a summary of my March.

MEDIA: Mom’s latest television obsession is The Middle– so naturally, there’s an episode or two playing every night now. Aside from Frankie, the characters are debatable as to which corresponds with our own family members. // This past Sunday, I drove over to Cabot to see my friend, Rachael. She’d been in town from Georgia for about a week and we made plans to see Insurgent. I’ve read the books in the Divergent trilogy so the movies cannot compare- but I was thoroughly entertained. Shailene Woodley is pretty cool. I’m a fan.

FOOD: Mary, Lilly, and I had a lunch date at Samantha’s Tap Room & Wood Grill this month. The atmosphere of that place is, as Tim said, “a good place for girls.” And it’s a lot larger than it looks in the pictures! An exposed wood grill and rustic design complemented by tiny copper salt and pepper mugs aesthetically pleased me. Lilly had a burger; Mary and I munched on fish tacos. With a recommendation from our friendly waiter, we devoured a dessert waffle as well.


After talking about going to South on Main for almost a year, the girls and I had our next lunch date there. Carrot cake ice cream was a first for me and I could have spent the day there just writing and people-watching. The place is decorated with typewriters. Hmm… should have tested them. …Oh and Lilly and I may or may not have eaten cheese dip and truffle fries [solely] for lunch last weekend… Big Orange for the win.

I made some fluffy banana pancakes from scratch for a Friday dinner and tried my hand at some crumbly white chocolate chip cookies with sea salt. They kind of fell apart in the hands of eaters, but the flavor was exceptional. The recipe was welcomed and approved by my foodie peers.

OTHER: March began with a healthy dose of snow. Yeah, I missed another day of work- but the pleasure of dragging my brother outside to play in the powdered cold stuff was worth it. We made an attempt at a snowman and hoisted the lump up on the mailbox. Mike named it Clifford. // Aqua Zumba is a new thing that I’m enjoying at the gym. Who wouldn’t love attempting to dance amidst waves of chlorine? But really, it’s a fun workout. // Our church’s Contemporary Choir sang out some Celtic-styled songs this month! The Lord is My Light by Christopher Walker was one of my favorites.


Renee and I spent a Saturday in Memphis on a whim. Our day was consumed with wandering Beale Street, strolling near the Mississippi River, and snacking on cupcakes at a cute coffee house. The air was chilly and crisp- just the way I love it, and we even ran into an old high school friend. Our drive back was a traffic adventure supplemented by a gas station pit stop and plenty of Bowling for Soup and Good Charlotte tunes. Nostalgia trip!


Overall, there were great things and sad things this month. But I’m trying to focus on the positive right now. I love March. It’s one of my favorite months and I am so thankful to have had another great one this year!



Cecilia And The Satellite | Andrew McMahon
The Harvester
 | Brandon Heath
Georgia | Vance Joy
Make A Shadow | Meg Myers
El Perdón | Nicky Jam & Enrique Iglesias


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