All About the Light

Have you ever noticed how things look more beautiful in natural light?

Pictures are more lively and vibrant with a little bit of sunshine. Skin complexions glow perfectly. Colors and silhouettes quench thirsting eyes. And don’t even get me started on how gorgeous an image taken in that golden hour around sunset is!

one of my favorite places downtownMaybe it’s because we feel less confined outdoors. We’re drawn to the beauty of the sky, the foliage, and the soil. Simply put, natural light makes us feel good. With pictures, our senses are reminded of these good vibes. These images calm us, excite us, and let us breathe. They enrapture and remind us what is real.

Perhaps it was always intended to be this way. We belong in the light- we are drawn to it. It brings out the best in everything. Darkness cannot be carried into the light- but it is the light that will always shine through the dark. Light is candor. It can show us the way and the truth.


Dreamwood | Hiss Golden Messenger


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