absence and withdrawal

It isn’t a question- why the absence of someone that made you happy should be painful. We become accustom to the time we spend with that person and the joy it brings to our lives. We wake up hopeful, thinking: I can make this workWe can get through this together. But sometimes, the closer we get, the more toxic people become for us.

memphis skyline


but people are weak, and anchors sink
I cannot save you from yourself

you have to let God save you

but you are godless, your hope is scorched
so you twist me around and push me away
because it’s what you know
because it’s been rehearsed

so I’ll be here praying that God holds you in His arms-
because mine can’t heal your heart.
mine don’t know your soul

oh, how I wish they did-
but I must not dwell on dreams and forget to live
I must learn to stand alone again



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