Deserving of a Great Love Story

“We accept the love we think we deserve.”
stephen chbosky

Why don’t we expect the best for ourselves? We go around telling our friends and family that they deserve the best men and women to date and marry. But why doesn’t this ring true for us?

Is it impatience? Do we think we can change someone? Maybe we’ve talked ourselves into needing someone to be with. Society can make us feel really lonely. Maybe we’re training ourselves to believe settling is okay and we’re tired of getting hurt. We’re exhausted.

We want that warm body more than true love. Deep down, maybe we don’t believe we deserve anyone- and so we accept that. We accept the people who don’t want to invest in us. We think they’ll change their hearts if we just give more of ourselves to them. We are patient and we keep trying to make it work. But this is unbalanced. A one-way street is not a relationship.

Compromising your passions and heart to do what you think is “helping” the other person is not loving them- even if you are patient and kind. Giving it your best shot when their mind and intentions are elsewhere only burns you. They were never invested in you to begin with. You just didn’t see it because you were giving them your heart.

Maybe there is one thing we can change though- our idea of what we deserve in love and life. Your life is yours to live and my life is mine to live. If people choose to walk away from everything I offer, that is their choice. You can only control yourself. Some people will choose to stay forever- but more will fade. Every relationship teaches you new things about yourself and about the world, so there are true benefits to all your efforts.

If it is true that we accept the love we think we deserve, then you’d better start training yourself to think you deserve the very damn best. And someone out there is worthy of you as well. Do not slight yourself and miss the opportunity of something so amazing.


You Are Enough | Sleeping At Last


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  1. Kathy Mitchel says:

    We have to love ourselves and enjoy our own company. Only then can we attract who and what we want in our lives.

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