the love types

Aside from that holiday we like to celebrate on the 14th of this month, I like to think of February as an entire month of love. So all my posts for February will focus on this really big word. ♥ I think it’s important to learn about, be aware of, and celebrate all types of love and love languages. This week, I just want to brush up on the different kinds we celebrate as human beings.

>>The Four Loves<<

Agape >>Unconditional<<
This is about sacrifice and expecting nothing in return. This is about accepting people for who they are, unconditionally. Everyone deserves this and we should strive to view everyone in this way- enemies, strangers, friends, and family alike. This is demonstrated by actual behavior towards one another. It is a decision. It is commitment. And we choose this.

Philia >>Friendship<<
This is a welcoming and affectionate thing. This is how you feel towards someone- usually friends. It is warm and companionable. This is actually the least natural because it is most freely chosen.

Storge >>Affection<<
This is committed and brotherly. It aims to make someone feel secure and safe and is built on a foundation. This is usually for family and friend relationships. This is how family members (especially parents towards their children) feel towards each other. It may lead to a romantic relationship with a couple that has become best friends. This is the most natural.

Eros >>Romance<<
This is emotional and sexual and intensely passionate. This focuses more on self and arouses romantic feelings.

Interested in learning more? Check out The Four Loves by C.S. Lewis.
Have a beautiful week, everyone. ♥




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