Adapting in Time

I believe that we have the ability to adapt to anything. That doesn’t mean that we’d willingly choose the circumstances we encounter. But it does mean that we have the power to adjust.

Whether it’s something simple like getting a new pair of glasses- or something more complex like being fired from a job or having a doctor tell you you’ll never walk again– we adapt.

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The concept is simple. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Time is, was, and will be an old and young friend of ours. By old, I mean that it has been around for quite awhile. By young, I mean that I don’t believe it has been around forever. That being said, “forever is a long time” is a confusing sentence.

I would dissect it as follows: ‘forever’ is a concept outside of ‘time.’ Meaning that ‘time’ is a subset of ‘forever.’ Therefore, ‘forever’ is longer than ‘time’ because pieces or extensions of ‘time’ can be added up to equal a ‘forever.’

We will not be alive forever.
We will only be around for a certain amount of time.

During this ‘time,’ we’ll have things we’ll have to adapt to. There are a lot of different problems and questions to ask. And I don’t believe they can all be solved by us because we are minuscule pieces of this extraordinary landscape.

So if you’re feeling down and alone. Or you’re ultimately frustrated with what you have to put up with today or tomorrow, remind yourself that it won’t last ‘forever.’ You will learn to adjust. And it will be okay.



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