22 going on forever

I wanted to post something today but do not have my usual writing spirit. What I originally wrote is something I need to pray about before posting. I hope you’ll understand. Instead, I’ve provided something I wrote last year at this time. I hope you’ll find some purpose or insight within it. God bless you.

roomies rainbow

I think it’s somewhat true what’s been said about not knowing what you have until it’s gone. I mean, maybe you know you have great people in your life. But you don’t know how deeply they can move you until they no longer surround you.

I think we can unknowingly become suffocated by all the personal issues going on around us. So much so, that we sometimes forget about who we are. We fall into a stage of empathy and ignore our own brokenness until one day, when we find ourselves without all the distractions and all the friends who filled our emptiness.

And that’s when we truly have to reflect and discover who we are and how we’re going to stand alone. But what’s fascinating about all this is that we were never alone. That’s when we understand that God is a flame within each soul we encounter, including our own.

And that’s when we realize we’re strong enough to love the people who were once there- even though we hardly see them anymore. Because, they’re still present. They’re present in our hearts and will be forever. You, my friends, are alive in my heart everyday.

This is not just because you have helped me become the person I am, but because there is a fire alive deep inside of you that can never be extinguished. You are always with me as God is always with each and every one of us. And this is really hard to remember! But, I think that once we recognize the presence of God in every human being, we’ll realize that we are never alone.

September 23rd 2013



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