I’m not depressed; I’m an Introvert

I first took the Myer’s Briggs test my sophomore year of high school. I honestly don’t remember what the exact scoring was but I was somewhere in-between the thinking and feeling and judging and perceiving. And, while I was a lot more logical and matter-of-fact back then, one thing has remained constant: that I am an introvert.

By basic definition, an introvert is someone who gains energy from being alone and becomes drained by being around others for periods of time. As a child, I was quiet and respectful of my teachers and a lot of them wrote me off as shy. It’s funny looking back, as an adult, and realizing that the best teachers I had knew the difference. They understood that I just kept to myself and did a lot of internalized thinking.

Because I work in an office, (where I spend 90% of my time sitting at a desk and working on a computer), you may think I’d still be fine and energized at the end the day. After all, it’s not like I work in a restaurant or a store where I have to talk to customers all day long. It’s not like I’m constantly on my feet, running around after children at a daycare.  So, why shouldn’t I be able to come home ready to interact and play with others?

Well, you see, this all stems back to the fact that people suck the energy from introverts. It doesn’t matter if someone is talking to me or simply sitting next to me. There’s still a withdrawal. The day is more strenuous when people constantly ask me questions. But even on days where I’m in my own little world for hours at a time, I need time to detox.

So when I go to my room and shut the door- yes, I’m ignoring you. Don’t take it personally. And when I spend hours alone, I’m probably writing, reading, praying, meditating, or watching re-runs of mindless television sitcoms. And you know what? This makes me happy! I’m not saying I love you, (wonderful people in my life), any less. But I need my alone time. It’s not because I’m depressed or anti-social. It’s because I’m an introvert.

Here’s some awesome tips for you beautiful extroverts:




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