I’m interested in us.

We share so much more than we intend to.

In fact, I believe my life would be so incomplete if I didn’t follow half my friends to their passions. The connections just wouldn’t be made and I would never discover all the things I enjoy if it wasn’t for my friends. I learn from other people.

Where would my passion for food be without Claire and Renee? How would I know anything about movies if not for Shannon and Adriana? I would have never gone to a piano bar had it not been for John- or flown across the U.S. to visit Rachael. My passion for photo-editing blossomed with the support of Sarah. And Morgan, she saved my life by introducing me to Zumba.

I could go on and on, of course.

But how many time have I gone along with something to make someone else happy? How often do I do these things just to spend time with the people I love? The bonus is finding out something about myself. But the main point is sharing my time. Sharing yourself with someone is so important. And I guess I really take this for granted. We all do. Most of us just go through the day, living for the next moment.

“Once I make it through work… After I do laundry… As soon as the weekend gets here…”

It’s easy to do, afterall. We’re programmed to want the next thing. It is extremely difficult to focus on the present. But if you take a moment to think about it, what are your strongest memories? Are they times when you were strolling through Facebook or Instagram? Are they times when you were up all night on Tumblr or burning through tedious lists at work? I’m not saying this is easy. Life is a constant challenge- some instances are just a little lighter.

image by claire brankin
art by one of my dearest friends, claire brankin

My strongest memories are of my family around our dining room table, eating birthday cake. My favorite memories are of junior high- sitting on the cement steps, talking with my best friends. They’re moments of swimming in the ocean with my (now deceased) uncle and cousin. They’re of spinning around on the blacktop like leaves on an autumn day. They’re my first kiss, the way it feels to be hugged perfectly, constantly tucking in my Catholic girl uniform shirt, and wrestling on the living room floor.

So what are yours?



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