The Placebo Effect

What if we treated every difficult situation like it would turn out okay? What if we believed that we were taking some medication that would heal us of the suffering?

I’m sure you’re familiar with stories of people in clinical trials where they were given a placebo drug. Even if it’s a small amount, these people usually have a positive increase in health.

So what if we spent each moment telling ourselves that everything is getting better? What if we woke up each day, and instead of dwelling on the dreaded commute to work or the chores we have to do, get ridiculously excited about little thing? Like, hey! I get to brush my teeth today. I have teeth! And you know what? My worries about finding a new job needn’t be there. Because I’m taking this super-drug that’s going to heal my misery. Everything about today is fantastic! I get to drive a car today and sit in an air-conditioned building. I got water from a sink and flushed a toilet. I said hello to a person today. 

I’ll admit, I am not great at ‘counting my blessings’ all the time. I waste a lot of breath complaining about my job and griping about things I have little control over. And you know where that gets me? NOWHERE. So I’m thinking, maybe I can convince myself that I’m not supposed to control everything.

Turn on the news, there’s people complaining about the government and war. Go to work, there’s people complaining about their jobs and their bosses. People complain about it being too hot or too cold. We complain about our phone batteries dying, our computers crashing, and the fact that Grey’s Anatomy didn’t tape on the DVR this week. And yes, these are frustrations and I’m totally guilty of all of this.

But I need reminders- reminders that there is more important stuff happening. And greater things are always coming. So I’m going to take this placebo challenge. My pill will be prayer. And my medicine, of course, is God. Because, He really does have it all under control. I know this sounds cliché and it’s easier said than done. But we need to keep trying. So, what’s your positive pill going to be?

If you need a boost, check out Jessica’s Daily Affirmation video.
My friend, Ashton first showed me this back in college and it always makes me smile!


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