I fall in love with songs the way you fall asleep…

I was introduced to Ed Sheeran by some friends my junior year of college- via guitar and belting out lyrics to The A Team. I was hooked and have spent the past two years growing more and more in like with this man’s poetry and soul.

This week, Sheeran has been releasing songs from his new album, X (Multiply). On Monday, Afire Love was revealed. As I listened, I wasn’t surprised or disappointed. I was simply pleased. It definitely sounded like a typical Sheeran song and these were the first lyrics that stood out to me:

Put your open lips on mine
And slowly let them shut

Something about the pop in Ed’s voice as he sings the word ‘shut’ pulled me in. Also, I had never heard the word ‘afire’ before. It thrills me when artists use unique words; I am challenged to expand my vocabulary.

On Tuesday, Bloodstream was released and the musical aspect of it instantly captivated me. But something was urging me to listen to Afire Love again. So I did. Again and again I listened to it. On Wednesday, I found myself becoming a little obsessed with it. I wasn’t sure why, but something about it hit home. Whether it was the romance aspect, the father-son relationship, or the picturesque depiction of a funeral- I wasn’t quite sure.

Today it hit me.
All at once, as those last lines played, (just as they had so many times before), I was struck with emotion.

My father and all of my family
Rise from the seats to sing Hallelujah
And my mother and all of my family
Rise from the seats to say Hallelujah
And my brother and all of my family
Rise from the seats to sing Hallelujah…

I could close my eyes and find myself right there singing along with this crowd of beloved people. It made me feel close to humanity and to God. It gave me a thrill of compassion and empathy. It gave me a sense of that bond (love) we, as human beings, all share. We all suffer and hurt and have baggage. We all make mistakes and deal with emotions and loss. And for some reason, this particular song really resonated with me about this. Now every time I hear it, I am reminded how much in common we really do have as a human family.

It is terribly easy to forget that. Thank you for reminding me, Ed.

This Post was inspired by: Afire Love by Ed Sheeran


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