little bits

On my way home from the gym this evening, I saw a man and a young girl jogging up the sidewalk on our road. He looked to be in his mid-40’s with his hair balding on the top. And the girl appeared to be around 9 with her blonde hair blowing freely. I could see the man was struggling and he looked like how I feel when I attempt to run around the neighborhood on a June evening. But that little girl kept pushing forward and he wasn’t too far behind.

I suppose the background information of their run isn’t really the important part. I guess it’s the present time they were spending together. I’m assuming it was a father and daughter. But who knows? They were making a memory- and probably thought nothing of it.

Little instances like this remind me of how inspirational other people can be for us. Taking the lead, I know that little girl was pushing him to try his best for her. And this made me smile. Sometimes we encourage other people without realizing it. The things we observe every day play a major part in the intricate design of our lives. One different turn on my drive home and I would have never seen these two enjoying a run together.

Each tiny fragment counts.


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