surface area

When I was little and mom had me water her plants, I always wanted to put the water on top of the leaves. I didn’t understand the concept of watering the soil so that the roots could soak it in. In the heat of the summer sun, I always wanted to wet the leaves and the petals of flowers- thinking that was the best thing for the plant.

When it came to my own body, I had the same idea. Mom and dad pushed me to stay hydrated by constantly drinking water. But I was never a fan of this and preferred jumping into the pool or playing in the sprinkler  when I was hot. I didn’t understand why I needed to drink to hydrate my organs and nourish my body. I only processed the concept of surface area. How could water cool me down if it wasn’t covering me? It was that instant gratification of refreshment that made me believe it was the best method.

Countless are the times I’ve wanted something solved instantly. Whether it was the seemingly endless duration of an illness or the strenuous emotions following the death of a loved one- I’ve prayed for God to give me that instant gratification. Just make it stop, God! Please? Just make everything okay again.

But maybe that’s not what it’s all about. I mean, if God started answering our prayers like a genie granting wishes, wouldn’t that make even more of a mess? Maybe it takes time for us to acknowledge the gifts that have been planted in us.  I don’t think my God is a surface-level kind of guy. I have faith that He has invested a hell of a lot into me. So why would He bother stunting my growth?


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    Whoa. This was so well-written, Colleen! It challenged me to think. 🙂

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    Written by Colleen Hathaway

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