lunch and a farewell

I finally made my way to Mylo Coffee Co. for lunch last Thursday! Mary and I were thrilled to leave the office for a few hours to spend time with our lovely Malaysian friend, Carissa. She’s headed back home this week and it was wonderful to get to share this little experience with her.

I first met Carissa Gan a few years back in our Technical Writing class at UCA. We bonded over writing manuals (and whatever one could find interesting about such a subject). After graduating, Carissa took her journalism degree and moved to New York City where she’s spent her last handful of months. Last week, she came to Arkansas to say goodbye to friends. Since she’s the photography/blogging/tech-savvy/modern/city-girl type who likes white subway tiles and cute little bakeries, we had to take her to Mylo’s. Naturally.


This was my first introduction to a Scotch Egg. So naturally, I had to try one. I think what I like most about Mylo Coffee Co. is that it’s full of new things to try. And apparently they’re going to have a rolling menu like European cafés. This egg was coated in sausage- but they also had sweet potato ones. It was crunchy and salty and the sausage had a lot of flavor. I referred to it as a breakfast ball- because that’s exactly what it tasted like. Not sure I need another one anytime soon, but it was a fun little experience!


Mary, Carissa, and I all tried the fresh herb couscous salad (that Renee made). The greek dressing added a zesty little flavor kick to the leafy goodness. Roasted pistachios were a fun little find amidst the vegetables as well. I would definitely eat that salad again. Mary also had a panini sandwich (I was tempted) and some sort of pizza pastry.


Spring weather, tasty food, and good friendship made for such a pleasant afternoon. I am so thankful to have beautiful friends like Mary and Carissa (and Renee, of course). I look forward to sharing Mylo’s with more friends soon. There are so many more things to try. Thank you for joining us, Carissa. I pray your flights home are safe.


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