Irish or not, here we come

One day, I’m going to Ireland. It is definitely in my top 5 places to visit. Perhaps it’s my passion as a Catholic with Irish blood that draws me to the comfort and peace of such a place. Maybe it’s the fond memories I have of Shenanigan’s Pub when I was younger- or my thirst for the lush color green. (I’m also a secret Seamus Finnigan fan and was totally rooting for Ireland during the Quidditch World Cup. Sorry, Krum). Er, it’s a blend of all this that intrigues me and I take St. Patrick’s Day as an opportunity to embrace it!

St. Patrick was born in Britain and kidnapped by Irish raiders as a teenager. He later returned to Britain but found himself called back to Ireland to spread his knowledge of Christianity there. And although we don’t know a whole lot about him, I’ve never been able to look at an image of a shamrock without thinking about the Holy Trinity. So, myth or not, I thank him for giving me that metaphor.

To share the charms  with my friends this year, I made puppy chow and used mini cereal boxes as packaging. The idea is simple, but a little time consuming. I disassembled the cereal boxes, folded them inside-out and re-sealed them with hot glue. I then glued wax paper together to make little bags to seal the puppy chow in and placed them in the boxes. Feel free to try it yourself.

I pray you all have a blessed week and take a moment to celebrate St. Patrick.
Be sure to pinch those who aren’t wearing green!


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