Snow Commuter

It’s easier for me to see God working in other people’s lives rather than my own. But today, I got a little smile out of my morning and I have to believe it was from Him.

Following a weekend that came with a handful of snowflakes, this typical Tuesday morning I was driving to work down J.F.K. and hit Sheridan Rd (I think that’s the name of it. It’s past the intersection where the right lane splits off to I-40). Traffic was usual with cars trickling along. I was in the right lane, when a white four-door car crept up beside me (Don’t ask me names. I know zilch about car brands).

As I watched it pass, I saw that it had a lump of snow on top of the right side of its trunk. And it took me a second to register what it was, but then I genuinely laughed (out loud). The lump was most likely a sunken snow man. I got close enough to see a mouth and two eyes drawn into it. And it just looked so cute and silly cruising along there. Amazed me that it hadn’t fallen off the car.

The little snow dude was just enjoying his ride. It made me smile and think about the person in the car. I never saw them but figured it was probably a parent or grandparent. Then I thought about who may have crafted it: young children? teenagers? a mother and her son? That got me thinking about the commuters in the cars around me. It reminded that those cars all had people in them who were loved and cared about- myself included.

So often, I go through the motions of getting in the car and putting my brain on auto-pilot. And sometimes, it’s like I’m the only real person on the road. I forget that I’m not just among machines-when I’m sitting in my own, zoning out to music and traffic reports-but that I am among valuable, beautiful people. And these people, you included, are all God’s children. We are all made to be loved and to love one another. We are real and we are important and making someone’s day brighter, even with a little gesture can have an outstanding ripple effect.

Who knew a little slouching snowman could remind me of all that?
God knew.


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  1. Kathy Mitchel says:

    Love this! God is always sending us little signs. We just don’t always see them.

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