The Food Passport

So there’s this girl I’ve been in mutual ‘like’ with for over nine years now. We’re coming up on a decade of best friendship at the end of the summer. Her name is Renee and this past weekend she showered me with a delightful array of gifts. Among the compilation of graduation/birthday/Christmas treats was a little treasure she calls a Food Passport. This is one of the most thoughtful little gifts a friend has ever given me!

Renee and myself, (as well as our third musketeer- Claire), are foodies. That means we like food. And eating. And trying crazy things that are recommended for consumption. In fact, after receiving a degree in English, Renee went on to study at a culinary institute for a year to pursue her passion of pastries and baked goods. She just finished up an internship and we are so happy to have her back in Arkansas. The fact that she’s making us fat is a cross we’re willing to carry. Check out her Instagram: munchingonmangoes.

How can you say ‘no’ to food that smiles?

So, back to this Food Passport and why such a simple thing is so charming. It’s basically just a little cardboard book that’s set up with pages to write comments about restaurants we try. Renee hand-wrote, (a rarity in this day and age), names of trendy food places and drew boxes for me to rate them. There’s even stickers, guys!

If you know me, you know I post a lot of pictures of food on my Instagram: brilliantruth. So that’s the photography side of these food adventures. This little food diary will allow me to keep an intimate record of notes. I’ll be whipping it out Lieutenant Disher-style. So stoked!


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