I missed you, Harry

Over the past eight years (highschool/college), I’ve drifted away from reading for pleasure. It was a combination of having to study for school and the explosion of technology that veered me away from reading books in my free time. On holiday breaks, I sometimes tried. But more often than not I’d get about three chapters into a book and cast it aside to hang out with friends or to watch television. So many brain cells have sacrificed themselves for lazy afternoons of Grey’s Anatomy and HIMYM.

This past summer I decided to try again. For real, guys. No more school to “get in the way” and no social obligations. To put it short, I read a shuffle of: YAs (Young Adult), teen novels, and classic literature. But with the conclusion of each story, I felt the same. I felt empty. It’s not that I didn’t get anything out of them- but that I wasn’t deeply connected to the characters.

And then I realized, I’m not investing myself. And I wasn’t. I made a list of books to read and sped through them. As I was reading one of them, I was wondering what the next one would be about. I wasn’t taking time to get to know the characters. And if I was, I wasn’t bothering to remember details about the setting or plot. Realizing this, I ran back to square one: Harry Potter.


Harry Potter is my favorite series and it’s been years since I’ve read any of the books. I guess my passion for Harry Potter kind of faded away over the years too. I’m currently on The Goblet of Fire (book 4), and let me tell you- it’s been quite a refreshing adventure. Sure, I know what’s going to happen in the end. But this time I get to invest in the small details. I can observe all the underlying personality Harry has. And it’s been fun looking at Ron and Hermione’s relationship, knowing how perfect they are for each other!

And the best part? I am a writer now- learning to appreciate the beautiful symmetry of the series and how wonderful a writer J.K. Rowling is. I’m a little kid dreaming along with old friends I’ve known for years. But I’m taking the time to get to know them this time around. It’s a whole new direction and perspective. It’s living in the moment.


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  1. andieeeee says:

    I miss Harry too.. I know exactly how you feel, I read a lot of books but nothing compares to HP. 🙂

  2. I’m a bit older than you and Harry wasn’t the series to provide this soul-hug for me, but I know exactly what you mean.

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