that first post

Whenever I decide to start a blog, I make the mistake of planning it out and giving it a theme right at the beginning. I choose what it will be about- usually a specific area of my life, a topic of interest, or something I think my audience will enjoy. I’ve tried to keep up a variety of blogs- from one on artistic pictures, to poetry, to finances and eating healthy. And then there’s all those blogs that are basically just rants about life. Remember the early 2000’s? You know, when we thought it was so cool to post online journals? Yeah, there was no revision. Enough said.

Now it’s time for the cliché sentence-
I’m going to make this blog different.

What you read here will be edited-to an extent. Now I don’t like to think of the word ‘edited’ as a synonym for ‘censored.’ In today’s world, I think of it as “I care about what I’m writing and actually want to make my work presentable, in a manner that I am proud to claim.”

The internet has become an open place where we can express ourselves and share our lives with one another. What’s funny is that we can show what we want more, yet we tend to filter ourselves with this new gift of technology. We tend to only present what we like about ourselves (with some exceptions). We post about what we’re passionate about. Some of us try to get a message across to others and some people just don’t care about how they carry themselves.

I could go on and on with this post. I am a writer, afterall. That means I like to write a lot. About everything. Everything that comes into my mind. I could write about it. No lie. Not saying it’d be anything brilliant, but it can be done!

So this blog is going to be just that. No predictions. You’ll get a better feel for my writing style and personality as life goes on. I hope you’re a reader.

Readers and writers make beautiful friends.


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